Imagine if the legendary "Sight Unseen Case" used by top professionals around the world created like a quality, minimalist, completely functional and normal looking slim wallet.  

We are pleased to bring you the "Minimal Wallet" with full blessing from the original SUC creator Mark Strivings. 

 With this new wallet designed from the creative minds of Pablo Amira and Alan Wong, you have a thin minimalist billfold style wallet that you will use as an everyday wallet, ready to produce miracles anytime anywhere. 

 Most wallets for magicians in the market are large, sometimes look weird and are overloaded with features that you never use. 
In the "Minimal Wallet" we focus on the essential power in a minimal space. 
 In the "Minimal Wallet" you will get proper place for bills, business cards, credit cards and everything that a normal wallet carries with the SUC function implemented in a clever way, so you can peek, load, steal and more.

 You will receive the genuine top grade leather wallet, written and video instructions to learn handlings and routines in the most integral manner.


Be simple. Get Minimal.

• • •